G 1.4 Democracy and Capitalism

Today’s Big Question

Are democracy and capitalism the answer to the political crisis?

  1. Watch the video and consider the problems there are with pure democracy. If you are interested in the Greeks and Socrates, you might enjoy this additional video.
  2. Read the rest of Ch. 1.
  3. Answer SG Identification. 9-18, and Review Questions 5-7.
  4. Check all Study Guide answers with the Teacher’s Guide and be sure you understand the answers.


When people look at the symptoms of the political crisis around them, often the initial response as to what will solve the problem is more democracy and more capitalism. However, there is much misunderstanding of what these words mean. You should be sure you understand the answers to some questions:

  • Why were the Founders leary of pure democracy?
  • How is the “capitalism” we practice in America today different from truly free enterprise?


Flash Cards for Identification Terms


Additional Questions


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