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Diy government and economics

Hardback Textbooks

Historian Clarence Carson’s classic textbooks have been used by countless numbers of homeschoolers and schools across America to instill a respect for natural law principles when it comes to public policy. Basic American Government and the updated version (by economics professor Paul Cleveland) of Basic Economics provide a strong foundation for any course in these subjects. Built on the sure foundation of Western heritage and Judeo-Christian foundations, these books contain the principles that will equip students to confidently evaluate the public policy issues that fill today’s media.

Teacher's Guides

Our pdf teacher’s guides provide over 100 pages of tools to assist you in building a course. From sample quizzes and tests, to a detailed layout of an 18-week schedule that will take a student through the textbook and the optional free research project mini-course. We even give you chapter summaries and a daily “big question” for the assignment that can make a good discussion question to check comprehension.

Self-paced Online Course Bundle

Boundary Stone’s full course bundle includes the textbook, teacher’s guide, and one year of access to our self-paced course. With each daily lesson, there are links to one or more short videos that illustrate key points. There are also interactive online review exercises. All the quizzes and tests can be taken online or with the print copies in the teacher’s guide. A handy spreadsheet is provided to assist in calculating grades.

Shop by Subject

Browse all product options by subject. Government and economics are laid out to complete each in a semester. However, there is plenty of optional material to expand either to a full year if desired. The links below will take you to a list of products and bundle options that wll save you money.

Basic american government curriculum store category


Browse through the Boundary Stone toolbox for studying government.

Basic economics curriculum store category


Browse through the Boundary Stone toolbox for studying economics.

Basic american government / economics combo curriculum store category

Combo Options

Browse through the Boundary Stone toolbox for studying both government and economics.

Knowledge Empowers.

Learn the impact of government and economics on our daily lives.

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Need tools for teaching in a school or co-op classroom?

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