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In the simplest terms, economics is a study of the thrifty use of scarce resources to satisfy human wants. God created an orderly universe, and there are discoverable principles that govern how systems operate. Economic principles, so far as they are valid, are universal  in their application. That is, they apply to all peoples at all times…

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Economics Online Course Bundle

(Complete Homeschool Package)

Begin Now, or request a future start date (Self-paced. 365-Day Course Access.)


Our most popular option. This bundle includes a Basic Economics, 4th ed. textbook, the PDF teacher’s guide, and access to the self-paced online course. Most people do this course in one semester, but you could stretch it out over a full year. See descriptions of each individual item below.

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Course Only, or Add a Sibling
(a course access for someone who already owns a textbook, or a member of your household who will share the textbook)


Course Only Add a Semester
(a course access extension for someone who is already enrolled)


Economics Textbook + TG Bundle

(Bundle with No Online Course)


In stock

If you would prefer to not use our online course, our teacher’s guide includes a plan for daily assignments that will take the student through the textbook in a semester’s time. It does not include links to the videos used in the online course.

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Basic Economics, A Natural Law Approach to Economics, 4th ed. (2018)

by Clarence B. Carson, Paul A. Cleveland
(Textbook only. Study Guide included at end of each chapter)


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This textbook is in a new more user friendly layout. There is a two-page study guide at the end of each chapter. It includes a half-page summary of the chapter, points of emphasis,  identification terms, review questions and optional activities.

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Basic Economics Teacher’s Guide PDF

NEW!  PDF Teacher’s Guide Only


This Teacher’s Guide PDF includes a semester schedule, lesson plans, daily assignments, study guide suggested answers, chapter quizzes, and four tests with all answer keys. Includes study guide for The Law.

With this purchase you have limited use (see “View More” for details).

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Economics Co-op Teacher’s Bundle

Economics Course Bundle + Study Guide Answers PDF


Economics Co-op 1-year Extension

Economics course 1-year extension
+ Study Guide Answers PDF license extension


Teachers in a classroom or homeschool co-op situation will have access to all our resources to use in your classroom! It includes one-year access to the online course, which includes links to videos that could be used in class or as assignments. Also included is a separate document from the Teacher’s Guide that contains only the suggested answers for the study guide. This may be distributed to families so they are able to check work at home between class meetings.

You get one year of access to the online course for one user. If you would like to extend that, contact us and we will extend it for $150/year per course. As long as your students are required to have textbooks, we allow you to continue distributing the abridged pdfs and use the quizzes ad tests with them.

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Budget Project Mini-Course Updated

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $0.00.

Included with our online course, but you can get it separately. Set up a realistic household budget and learn what things really cost. How much will you need to live on your own? How much to do all the things you want to?

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Basic Economics, 4th ed. (by the Case of 12)

by Clarence B. Carson, Paul A. Cleveland


In stock

Schools and co-ops may want to purchase textbooks by the case for their students. We give a 20% discount on full cases for these siituations.

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Cathy Duffy's Summary:

Basic Economics: A Natural Law Approach to Economics is great for students (as well as adults) who want to understand economics at a deeper level and from a Christian perspective. This textbook covers the economics topics that you find in most high school texts such as markets, supply and demand, scarcity, monopoly and competition, and the stock market. It also teaches more personally-applicable topics such as rent, wages, savings, investments, interest, and home-based businesses that are sometimes not covered in economics textbooks.

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