G 1.3 The Political Crisis

Today’s Big Question

How did the framers of the Constitution seek to preserve liberty and prevent tyranny and how have we strayed from that design?

Main Idea of Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 Dr. Carson lays out what he believes is the political crisis of our times. In this he discusses how people are “grotesquely misinformed” about the nature and character of government. It does not take long when reading documents written by the Founders to realize they were seeking to preserve liberty and prevent a repetition of the tyranny they experienced under King Charles II. Dr. Carson goes on to point to two ideas that are often suggested by leaders in the West as “solutions” to the political crisis. He then explains how these two ideas are often misunderstood and, thus, do not adequately address the real issues. After properly defining these terms, Carson points us to the source of true guidance he feels is the starting point to helping us find a solution.

  1. Watch the Prager University video above. Dr. Robert George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University describes the Founders’ intentions regarding the issue of liberty vs. tyranny. However, throughout history many elected officials from BOTH parties have been willing to continue growing government well beyond its original constitutional bounds. You should always look at policy proposals and ask yourself, “How will this grow the size or power of government?” and “What will be the price of this policy to individual liberty?”
  2. Read Ch. 1, pp. 3-11. Stop at the paragraph beginning with “The political crisis…”
  3. Answer SG Identification. 1-10, and Review Questions 1-5.
  4. Check all Study Guide answers with the Teacher’s Guide and be sure you understand these answers.

Flash Cards for Identification Terms

Political Influences on Countries

Right-Wing Dictators

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