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At present, we need a profound cultural recovery, yet most college students are not introduced to the basic historical knowl­edge of Western Civilization necessary for that recovery to begin.

Understanding the Modern Culture Wars by Paul Cleveland

Textbook only


This 415-page HB book chronicles the development of the foundational principles upon which our culture is established. This culture has been profoundly shaped by Christianity. It has allowed the people living within it to flourish to a greater extent than any other in human history. Today there are forces at work within our own educational institutions that are seeking to destroy this culture by denying its very foundational principles.

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Government Textbook + TG Bundle

(Bundle with No Online Course)


There are several chapters in this textbook that discuss the historical contributions of Western Civilization to the founding ideals used to write our Constitution.  There is not time in the government course to spend much time on this material. You could purchase this textbook bundle or the textbook and study guide option and spend the final quarter of your Western Civilization course capping it off with chapters 3-6.

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S. Alan Corlew, Teacher, Logic and Rhetoric Schools

We presently use Dr. Cleveland’s Understanding the Modern Culture Wars as the primary text for our World History I-IV classes in conjunction with great books from each of the time periods. We have been quite pleased with it on many levels: it covers the important periods/issues/ideas and such, and does so from a biblical worldview perspective. There is no other text that does this to the best of my knowledge.

I had for years envisioned writing a history text, but never had the time for such an undertaking. Dr. Cleveland’s book is very much the book I had in mind, though I think he has done it with more success than I could have managed.

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