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Basic History, Government, and Economics Curriculum for High School or Christian College

U.S. History 1 & 2 

A Basic History of the United States is a six volume paperback set containing over 1500 pages covering the history of our country from the European background to 2001. It has been widely acclaimed by reviewers, readers, teachers, home schoolers.

Year 1 uses volumes 1–3 and Year 2 uses volumes 4–6. 

Western Civilization

Understanding the Modern Culture Wars should be combined with primary source readings and the final nine weeks of the year could cover chapters 3-6 or 7 of Basic American Government to lay the historical foundations for the study of government and economics next year.


General Audience Books

Books by Dr. Paul Cleveland related to how economics affects public policy.


Excellent Resources

I would like to say that I appreciate the work of the Clevelands in keeping these books published and updated for future generations. As a homeschool dad and supporter of the homeschool community in California, I love these resources. They are a treasure that would be a shame to lose. Keep up the good work!

Homeschool Dad in California:

“For years, I have been disappointed in the lack of quality history from a Christian perspective past the Civil War era. When I learned about Carson’s history, I jumped on the idea of using that since I had been impressed with the other books I had used. I was not disappointed with this decision. I have since been promoting the history books (along with the other Boundary Stone books) to our homeschool friends.”

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