G 1.1.B Course Syllabus

Course Overview

This course is based heavily on the U.S. Constitution. Students will be expected to become very familiar with the organization and content of this document. They will also be expected to understand the historical reasons for the design of our federal government, and the expectations of the Founders. They should also be able to discuss factors that have contributed to the growth in the size and scope of our government, and understand the impact this has had on the everyday life of U.S. citizens. They will also be expected to learn how to discuss policy issues and understand factors that contribute to the consequences of various proposals and decisions.

Students should keep up with current events, especially as related to the issues being discussed in upcoming legislation: federal, state and local. This can be done by reading articles published in newspapers, news magazines and news services either in print or online.

You will from time to time have “discussion” assignments that you will need to discuss with a parent or other adult of their choosing. Apart from these, you should discuss the topics being covered with others (especially your parents) outside of class when possible. People have varied opinions about the topics we will be covering, and you should learn to discuss them, even with people from differing views, in a civil, courteous manner.

Optional Policy Research Project

If you follow the semester schedule, most Mondays are set aside to work on a project

The Project is in a separate Course that should be listed under Your Courses on your Account Page.


Your parent/teacher will determine your grading requirements. These are the components that could be used to determine your grade.

  • Completion of reading assignments and videos
  • Completion of Study Guide Review Questions in writing, and checking your answers
  • Course Project
  • Completion of Topic Quizzes by making at least a 70%
  • Unit Tests

Quizzes and Tests

There are four  types of quizzes in the course. Your teacher will have access to all your scores.

Diagnostic Quizzes

There is one of these at the beginning of each Quarter. They have ten questions and are not intended to count toward your grade. There is a 30-minute time limit. Your score on this quiz reflects what you know before starting a unit, and can be compared to the Quarterly Test for an idea of how much you are learning. You can only take these quizzes one time.

Topic or Lesson Quizzes

These are short (5-10 questions) and cover a single article, video, or chapter. There is a 20 minute time limit. They are designed to help you make sure you are getting the important material. Often, the quiz has more questions and chooses five random questions. If you retake it, you might get different questions. You should make at least a 70% on a quiz before you advance to the next lesson. You can retake them as many times as you want, and come back to them to review for the Unit tests.

Module Comprehensive Quiz

In some of the odd numbered Modules, there is a Module Comprehensive Quiz which allows you to review all the material from the first Module of a 2-Module Unit. If you are unhappy with your score, you should be sure to review the material from the Module before taking the Unit Test. You will only be able to take this test once. You will have a 30-minute time limit once you start the test.

Unit Tests

There are four of these and they each cover two Modules. They are longer than the Topic Quizzes. There is a one hour time limit. You can only take these tests once, but will be able to go back and see the questions and answers when finished.

Course Expectations

When you are assigned a section from the textbook, to prepare for the quiz you should use the Study Guide questions posted as follows:

  • Read the chapter or portion indicated.
  • Read the Chapter Main Idea in the Study Guide.
  • Answer the Review Questions from the Study Guide in writing.
  • Make certain you know the meanings and how to use the Vocabulary terms in the Study Guide.
  • Watch the videos that accompany the chapter.


  • Carson, Clarence: Basic American Government. ISBN: 1-931789-19-3. Can be purchased at boundarystone.org.
  • Bastiat, Frederic: The Law.
    The version used to put page numbers in the Study Guide is ISBN: 978-157246-553-4 and can be purchased in paperback from fee.org. They also have a free PDF version on their website. Download the 2019 pdf version to match the page numbers listed in the Study Guide.
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Can the quizzes be printed and done off line

Cathe Cleveland (Group Leader) August 13, 2022 at 2:14 pm

There are pdf copies of quizzes and tests in the teacher’s guide. They could be taken either way.

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