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Boundarystone Mini-Course


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The Law, written by Frédéric Bastiat in France in 1850, clearly lays out the ideas on liberty in a way that anyone can understand, and every voter should have in mind before entering the voting booth.

Bastiat had a gift for making the natural law principles for government and economics that govern our universe understandable for all. When we attempt to violate these principles it always results in negative consequences. Bastiat points out the boundaries for good law that when observed lead to peace and prosperity.

This free, self-paced mini-course covers the 50-page essay in four lessons and emphasizes the important principles that must be understood if we are to rightly evaluate the policies being proposed by politicians vying for our vote. It answers questions such as:

  • What is law?
  • When is the use of force justified?
  • What should legislators seek to do when writing law?
  • What is behind the proposals of socialists?
  • What is wrong with laws that redistribute wealth?