E1.5 Studying Human Action

Today’s Big Question

What limitations should we keep in mind about the conclusions drawn from the study of economics because it is a study of human action?

  1. Read the rest of Chapter 2.
  2. Answer Review Questions 5–9.
  3. Complete the Activity 2. Be honest as to your views and why you think they are true.
  4. Review the chapter and take the Ch. 2 Quiz.
  5. If time remains. continue working on a position paper.

  • Read the Chapter Summary and be sure you understand what is said there.
  • Review the Points of Emphasis.
  • Review the information in pull-out boxes in the chapter and be sure you understand what is being said.
  • Review all the Identification terms and be certain you are comfortable using them in discussing or writing about topics from the chapter.
  • Review the answers to the Review Questions.
  • Use the online review question exercises in lessons E1.4 and E1.5 to review your knowledge.
  • Take the Quiz.
You should make at least an 80% on the quiz to help assure you have learned the important concepts, and you may take it as many times as you want. Retakes could have some different questions. Once you have passed the quiz, you are finished for the day.

A pdf of the study guide for Chapter 2 from the textbook is available below if you need a copy. The button will open the pdf in a new browser tab.

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