E1.4 The Nature of Things

Today’s Big Question

What foundational truths do we learn about the way things should be done by examining God’s intentional design of human nature and the nature of things in our social interactions?


Watch the Video:
The Person at the Center of the Economy.

  • Note the six characteristics of humans listed in the video.
  • Note what the video states is the fundamental problem with modern economics.
  • What does it mean to consider the difference between living your life for the point or the line?
  • What would be different in your life if you lived for the line instead of for the point?

Watch the Video: Human Nature

  1. Read Chapter 2–2.4.
    Section 2.3 introduces the term natural law. To help in understanding the significance of natural law it can help to compare and contrast it with positive law. Positive law is law that is “posited” or put in place by a monarch or by legislators. Sometimes it might be in line with natural law, and the best positive law will be. However, the goals in legislating positive law are most of the time very different from seeking to conform to natural law. The Natural Law vs. Positive Law chart in PDF format will help you understand the difference. There is a link for downloading the file. You should print a copy and keep it nearby as you study the next several chapters.
  2. Answer Review Questions 1–4.
  3. Check your answers with the Teacher’s Guide.