E1.1.C Textbook Highlights

Watch the Video

The video is by Dr. Cleveland and is about 5-6 minutes long.

Textbook Layout and Highlights

Learn the layout of your textbook by looking at the following pages.

Page v: Brief Contents

Note that the book is divided into three major sections and a total of twenty-two chapters. If you divide your semester into four quarters, Section I swill be covered in Unit I. Section II will be covered in Units II and III. Section III will be covered in Unit IV. This online course is designed on an eighteen-week schedule with four Units averaging four and a half weeks. Feel free to adjust your pace to cover the material at the speed you and your teacher deem appropriate.

Page vii: Contents

The detailed Contents show the section divisions in each chapter, which are numbered for easier reference. When you are assigned a section to read you should read the entire section (including all subsections) unless you are told to stop at a specific subsection. For example, if you were assigned Section 3.2–3.3 you would begin at the beginning of 3.2 and read down to the heading for 3.4 on page 32.

Page 23: First Page of a Chapter

There is a summary of chapter content at the beginning of each chapter showing the number, title, and page numbers for all the chapter sections and subsections.

Page 30: Text Features

      • Getting the Point questions are designed to help you think through important concepts. They also make good discussion questions if you are taking the course with a class.
      • Pull-out boxes with important principles restated. Be sure you understand this information.
      • Definitions of identification terms in the side margins.

Page 52: Biographical Sketches

There are several Biographical Sketches of key figures in pull-out boxes.

Page 59-60: Chapter Study Guide

There is a two-page Study Guide for each chapter containing a Chapter Summary, Points of Emphasis, Identification terms that were defined in the chapter, Review Questions, and optional Activities.

Diagnostic Quiz

This quiz covers material you will be studying in this Unit. There is a 30 minute time limit, but it probably will not take that long. It is only 10 questions. Do not be surprised if your score is not as high as you would like. It is designed to give you something to compare to your Unit I Test (which you will take after you complete Unit 1) to show you how much you have learned. You will only be able to take this quiz once, and then will be shown your score. This score (and all quiz scores) will be emailed to your teacher.

Take the Unit 1 Diagnostic Quiz  to complete Day 1.