A Basic History of the United States 6 Vol. Set + Teacher’s Guide


A Basic History of the United States is a six-volume paperback set containing over 1500 pages covering the history of our country from the European background to 2001.

For individual volumes and to see sample pages, use the links below or click on the Bookstore link in the menu at the top of the page. The individual volumes and their prices are as follows:

1. The Colonial Experience, 1607-1774, $16.00 (ISBN 1-931789-09-6)
2. The Beginning of the Republic, 1775-1825, $16.00 (ISBN 1-931789-10-X)
3. The Sections and the Civil War, 1826-1877, $16.00 (ISBN 1-931789-11-8)
4. The Growth of America, 1878-1928, $18.00 (ISBN 1-931789-12-6)
5. The Welfare State, 1929-1985, 2nd Edition, $18.00 (ISBN 1-931789-24-X)
6. America: From Gridlock to Deadlock, 1985-2001, $18.00 (ISBN 978-1-931789-24-0)

This series has been widely acclaimed by reviewers, readers, teachers, and home schoolers.

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In response to January 2021

July 3, 2021

In January 2021, with so much in the USA to be concerned about, I contemplated what I could do to make a difference. Much of what I had been doing was sharing information and “take action” letters and petitions. But in January, I wanted to do more. Remembering history books from a Constitutional class that I had taken many years ago, I went to my bookshelves to seek them out. They were “The Basic History of the United States,” by Clarence Carson. After reading them I realized what I could do: Share them with young adults with (and without) children.

Searching for the history books online was discouraging at first until one site suggested I might find them sold at Boundary Stone. Because I helped my daughter school her 4 children and saw the amazing results and benefits of their home education, I sought out those who wanted to do the same. So far I have donated Paul Cleveland and Clarence Carson’s books to 9 homeschooling families (most of them had never schooled their children before). I believe in the tremendous power of education, especially when that education is founded in truth. We need the real history or we will repeat the history of tyrannical governments.

Cleveland & Carson offer truthful history. Not only have I donated to young adults with children, but I have also given many books to single and middle-aged adults.

Avatar for Rosalie V Bennett
Rosalie V Bennett

Excellent Resources

August 6, 2019

As our children approached the high school age, we were wondering what resources to use for the subjects of Civics and Economics. Upon the recommendation of some close friends, we decided on Basic American Government and Basic Economics. We were not disappointed. Not only did we teach all three of our children using these books, but we opened up the class to the homeschool community in our area. This year we are starting our third time through this course which has been very well received. I appreciate the starting point of the authors which is the truths taught in the Christian Scripture. With that foundation – the foundation of eternal truths – the authors (Clarence Carson & Paul Cleveland) do an excellent job of tying the topics together as a cohesive whole, showing the results of both good and bad ideas. I am very excited to use the 4th edition of Basic Economics for the first time this year. The formatting and layout look amazing. I am guessing that the chapter review will be helpful for the students preparing for the weekly quizzes (and the teacher in preparing the quizzes). I know that was helpful when I taught through Carson’s six volume American History course.

Speaking of history, the history class last year was a great success. I wasn’t sure how it would go as this was the first time I had taught using those books. The homeschool students absolutely loved the course. The author did a superb job a referencing the Constitution throughout the books, of showing the underlying ideas that affected the course of our nation, and the foundational principles of the United States, which are rooted in the Christian worldview. For years, I have been disappointed in the lack of quality history from a Christian perspective past the Civil War era. When I learned about Carson’s history, I jumped on the idea of using that since I had been impressed with the other books I had used. I was not disappointed with this decision. I have since been promoting the history books (along with the other Boundary Stone books) to our homeschool friends.

Lastly, I would like to say that I appreciate the work of the Clevelands in keeping these books published and updated for future generations. As a homeschool dad and supporter of the homeschool community in California, I love these resources. They are a treasure that would be a shame to lose. Keep up the good work!

Avatar for Brian Eschen
Brian Eschen

Honesty and Integrity

June 29, 2018

This entire series gives a far more accurate account of our history and puts Progressivism in its place. It’s about time honesty and integrity is returned to the discipline of historical studies! Even Edward Gibbon would approve!

Avatar for Bill Murrin
Bill Murrin

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