The Beginning of the Republic 1775-1825 (Volume 2)


A Basic History of the United States—Volume 2

This second volume covers the history of the War for Independence and the establishment of the new government through the Jeffersonians and the Napoleonic Wars.

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In response to January 2021

July 3, 2021

In January 2021, with so much in the USA to be concerned about, I contemplated what I could do to make a difference. Much of what I had been doing was sharing information and “take action” letters and petitions. But in January, I wanted to do more. Remembering history books from a Constitutional class that I had taken many years ago, I went to my bookshelves to seek them out. They were “The Basic History of the United States,” by Clarence Carson. After reading them I realized what I could do: Share them with young adults with (and without) children.

Searching for the history books online was discouraging at first until one site suggested I might find them sold at Boundary Stone. Because I helped my daughter school her 4 children and saw the amazing results and benefits of their home education, I sought out those who wanted to do the same. So far I have donated Paul Cleveland and Clarence Carson’s books to 9 homeschooling families (most of them had never schooled their children before). I believe in the tremendous power of education, especially when that education is founded in truth. We need the real history or we will repeat the history of tyrannical governments.

Cleveland & Carson offer truthful history. Not only have I donated to young adults with children, but I have also given many books to single and middle-aged adults.

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