The Great Utopian Delusion: Why Socialists Must Destroy Our Norms

by Jun 6, 2022

Why Americans Need to Understand The Great Utopian Delusion

In the last few years, it seems our nation has been turned upside down. We are told that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. We are told that there is an ever-increasing number of genders. We are told repeatedly that climate change is producing an apocalyptic disaster because there is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are told that we cannot continue to use petroleum products because it is the main factor contributing to our so-called environmental problems. We are asked to believe that a gas we expel from our lungs every time we take a breath is responsible for the problem, even though this same gas is taken in by plants as their key building block for growth. We are told that unemployment compensation is a necessary transfer payment that will insure economic prosperity. Moreover, we are told that a good economy is founded on massive government spending, taxing, and money printing.

However, these beliefs defy all common sense. Not only that, but they also defy the traditional norms of our society. American society was built upon Western civilization in the classical sense. The undergirding principles or norms of our society affirm the value of the individual person as bearing the image of God which makes them worthy of respect. Chief among our norms is the right of every individual to his life, liberty, and property. In addition, American society affirms the right of all individuals to live according to their conscience. Thus, religious freedom is foundational. These beliefs ought to radically restrain and limit government action, which exists only to punish those who would harm others by infringing on their rights. That brings us to the question. Why are these beliefs being attacked and criticized?

The answer to this question is that we live in the Age of Socialism. That is, from at least the nineteenth century onward, more and more people have been caught up with a utopian idea that human ills can be overcome by collectivist human action. Socialists assume that all problems faced in this world stem from self-interested human action. In other words, they cannot leave the individual alone to pursue his own life according to his own plans and desires. According to socialists they can eliminate all problems in society when everyone is compelled into a central plan. The problem with this way of looking at the world is that the person who believes it must also believe he is cut from finer cloth than the rest of humanity and is able to devise a suitable plan for everyone else. Moreover, if anyone doesn’t agree with his plan, he must assume that they are just being selfish.

Since people are not all the same, there can never be the kind of universal agreement demanded by socialists. Therefore, they must attempt to change human nature by transforming society. To do so, socialists must tear down and destroy all customs, traditions, moral values, and norms of traditional society because these stand in the way of their utopian vision. Socialists must break down every distinction that provides the foundation for our norms of behavior. They must destroy that which people conceive of as being normal because their plans are not normal. Their plans do not fit human nature. Thus, human nature must be transformed. This is why they celebrate a biological male declaring himself to be a female so that he can race in swimming meets against less muscular females. By nature, declaring the young man biologically ineligible would fit within the norms of our culture, but that culture must be destroyed. This is the basis for our book, The Great Utopian Delusion: The Global Rise of Government and the Destruction of Liberty. If there ever was a time that Americans needed to understand the message of our book, now is that time.

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Paul Cleveland

Boundary Stone was started by Dr. Paul Cleveland. Working as a professor for over 35 years has allowed him to study and think deeply about issues of political economy. He has discovered ways to communicate these sometimes illusive concepts to today's students, often through story telling, which makes understanding these principles more accessible to all of us.


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