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Need a high school curriculum with everything you need for a credit in government and economics? Boundary Stone curriculum can help you. Built on Christian, natural law foundations that acknowledge a creator God who intentionally designed our universe with discoverable principles.

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Online Courses Description

  • Two one-semester self-paced courses with ten-month access.
  • Self-paced. Begin any time and work at your pace through 80-90 daily assignments (65-75 if you do not do the optional project mini-course)
    • Daily assignments include reading, videos, review exercises, and auto-graded quizzes and tests
    • All other written assignments graded by parent/teacher using the Teacher’s Guide
  • PDF Teacher’s Guide with study guide answers and course planning materials
  • Most Mondays are set aside to work on optional Project Mini-course
    • Policy Research Paper in Government
    • Personal Budget Project in Economics
  • Email, chat, or phone support


Basic American Government

A constitutionally oriented book that includes a valuable and detailed one chapter description of the nature of our government, followed by a history of its founding principles, tracing them from the ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, through the formation of our constitution, and beyond through the 19th and 20th centuries.

Basic Economics

Economics from a natural law perspective will lead you to very different policy objectives than those of other modern economics textbooks that almost unanimously assume a utilitarian foundation without grasping its atheistic roots.

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In the simplest terms, economics is a study of the thrifty use of scarce resources to satisfy human wants. God created an orderly universe, and there are discoverable principles that govern how systems operate. Economic principles, so far as they are valid, are universal  in their application. That is, they apply to all peoples at all times…

– Chapter 1
Basic Economics, 4th ed.

Over 30 years experience teaching economics

  • Dr. Paul Cleveland has been an economics and finance professor for over 30 years and is author or co-author of four books.
  • Cathe Cleveland taught over 100 economics students over four years using this curriculum in a homeschool co-op in Birmingham, AL.
  • The Clevelands homeschooled their own children through high school. Their son now has a Master’s degree and is a high school teacher at an urban Christian school. Their daughter is pursuing a graduate degree.
  • Their combined experience with numerous students and many different curriculum packages in many subject areas helps them understand the needs of homeschoolers. Because of this, they completely re-designed the 4th edition of Basic Economics with the homeschool family in mind.

Basic Economics is a must read!

So much of what is taught today as economics is 180 degrees opposite of the truth. It’s all about how you think and this book will make sure you get it right.

Nelson Nash, Originator of the Infinite Banking Concept

A Different approach

Helping You Provide Beacons

Every generation needs fixed beacons to find their way through the storms life will undoubtedly send. We want to help you find ways to pass on changeless truths to the next generation. Too often, Christian approaches to social sciences attempt to use content designed for public schools and add a few proof texts from Scripture to justify what is taught. Instead, we believe the foundation must be the universal principles God designed to govern his created universe. Discovering and mastering these universal principles will provide priceless tools in students arsenals. They will empower them to see through the faulty reasoning used by politicians, pundits, and the media to manipulate political agendas affecting more and more areas of our daily lives.

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