Government and Economics Sibling Course Bundle


12-month access to both courses beginning immediately***

Access to both courses with no textbooks. If you are purchasing courses for multiple students, we will need to manually set up your logins for the additional students. Email with names and email addresses.

This product is for a family who has already purchased a Gov/Econ Course Bundle and they DO NOT want another set of textbooks. Or for a student who already owns the textbooks. They are needed for the online course. It is access to both courses for another student in the household. DOES NOT INCLUDE DOWNLOADS OR TEXTBOOKS.

These courses were designed from the lens of conservative natural law, free-market, limited government principles, with hearty acknowledgement of our country’s Judeo-Christian roots, for 11th-12th grades. They contain suitable material for 1/2 credit each with honors for a high school transcript. Some families have even chosen to spread them over a year so they can go a little deeper and give a full credit.****

What you will learn:

  • Principles that will help you stand up to the teaching of liberal college professors who think it is their job to help you abandon them
  • Knowledge needed to understand and defend constitutional limited government and free markets
  • What conflicts led up to the writing of our constitution that made it unique and a major leap forward in all world history
  • How natural law, free market, limited government principles influenced the writing of our constitution that made it unique and a major leap forward in all world history
  • How this model built the world’s greatest economic powerhouse and how we have been destroying it
  • The history of successes and failures of elected officials in implementing policies that are inline with these principles
  • The history of socialism in America and around the world clearly pointing out its weaknesses and disastrous results
  • Honest examination of bad decisions and the consequences they brought
  • Which current policy proposals ensure the greatest human flourishing for everyone
  • Clear understanding of what rights are and from where they come
  • Importance of having a citizenry with morality based in Judeo-Christian principles
  • Examination of major historical politico-economic systems to understand what led to the rise of free market systems
  • How to research and write a research paper on a government policy topic (in the included optional mini-course)
  • How to set up a household budget and the effects of various choices as to how you spend your money (in the included optional mini-course)
  • Many study habits and skills that will be useful if you take college courses in the future

This Government and Economics Homeschool Bundle includes:

  • Student access to both online courses
  • Student access to Budget and Government Policy Project Mini-courses
  • No Textbooks
  • No Teacher’s Guide PDFs for both courses
  • No Study Guide PDF for government (study guide for economics is in the textbook)





***If you would like to start at a different time, contact Cathe: PDFs will be available for download after purchase. Textbook will ship within two days.

**** Requirements differ in each state. Boundary Stone is not a school and does not award academic credit. However there is enough material for a rigorous semester-long (1/2 credit) or year-long (1 credit) course. Please be sure to check with whoever is your oversight where required. There is a course syllabus and lesson list included in the Teacher’s Guide.

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Even better than we hoped for

June 28, 2021

I am a middle school teacher who also homeschooled our son for his senior year. I looked at several government and economics curriculum selections, but we chose Boundary Stone for several reasons. First, he is a visual learner and wanted something online. This turned out to be a great choice, because he especially appreciated the videos that are a part of both courses. Second, he said that the course was thorough, yet easy to navigate. Third, from a teacher/parent perspective, I felt utterly confident that the instruction would line up with our values and provide a solid foundation of government and economics for him to grow with. I was not disappointed! In fact, I now want to go back through the course myself and relearn government and economics from a solid Biblical worldview. Lastly, considering our current national & political challenges, I am more glad than ever that we chose this course for our son so he can be a properly informed citizen.

Avatar for Ericka Watson - teacher & homeschool mother
Ericka Watson - teacher & homeschool mother

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