Looking for Clarence Carson History Textbooks?

by Apr 19, 2020

Boundary Stone is pleased to inform you that we are committed to keeping the extraordinary textbooks written by Clarence Carson in print and updating them to make them easier to use with today’s students.

Gentleman Scholar

For good reason, many people are still searching for how to acquire these books. Few people today view and write about American history with the clarity that Dr. Carson possessed. Because he was the consummate gentleman scholar, he possessed a graciousness that allowed him to teach others about those things that are honorable, right, and good without lording it over them. His grasp of the influence of changes in philosophy by many modern authors of history motivated him to devote his later years to developing his series of textbooks for use in high school and college. These include:

Clarence Carson (1926-2003) was a historian who taught at Elon College in North Carolina, Grove City College, and Hillsdale College among others. He was a prolific writer who authored 15 books and over 500 articles. Many of these articles were for The Freeman and can still be accessed at fee.org.

Dr. Carson mentored Dr. Paul Cleveland and encouraged him to write his first book, Understanding the Modern Culture Wars: The Essentials of Western Civilization to complete the four-year curriculum set. After Dr. Carson’s death in 2003, Dr. Cleveland, through his business Boundary Stone, took on the task of passing these great books on to another generation of students.

Natural Law Based Approach

To that end, Boundary Stone published the Fourth edition of Basic Economics: A Natural Law Approach to Economics with an updated layout that includes a study guide and several other resources to make it more easily usable for teachers and students alike. Boundary Stone has also put together a Study Guide for Basic American Government, as well as Teacher’s Guides and online courses for both books. This complete full-year curriculum provides a unique and much needed natural law-based approach to students. Are you looking for curriculum that will equip your students to more readily evaluate current public policy proposals put forward by elected officials and those running for office? The natural law approach is the tool you need. It is our intention to continue this full curriculum development with the other books in the series over the next few years.

Cathe Cleveland

Cathe Cleveland is a former homeschool mom. Her two adult children have graduated from Birmingham Southern College and she is now learning how to parent adults and live as an empty nester with her husband Paul. MS keeps her home most of the time where she works on learning how to build and design the Boundary Stone website and design the layout of their books for self-publishing.


Do you need tools for educating students in government or economics?

Our curriculum for government and economics gives you all you need to teach a semester of each. Curriculum bundle options are available at discounted rates. See the difference natural law foundations make.

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