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High School Basic History, Government, and Economics Textbooks

The events of our time show that too many people have graduated high school in the last twenty years without understanding our history. Ensure your students learn basic history by using Boundary Stone textbooks. These textbooks are perfect for Christian high schools, home schools, and even colleges. Historian Clarence Carson was a Vanderbilt educated PhD who capped his career by writing this series of textbooks. Dr. Carson was a mentor to economist Dr. Paul Cleveland. A few years after Dr. Carson’s passing in 2003, Dr. Cleveland began to reformat these books to bring them to another generation. Recently he finished the update of Basic Economics. An accompanying online course and teacher’s guide are also available.

U.S. History I & 2 Textbooks

Year 1 uses volumes 1–3 and Year 2 uses volumes 4–6.

U.S. History Individual Volumes

Western Civilization Textbook

Understanding the Modern Culture Wars should be combined with primary source readings and the final nine weeks of the year could cover chapters 3-6 or 7 of Basic American Government to lay the historical foundations for the study of government and economics next year.

Government and Economics Textbooks

One semester of government and one semester of economics.

General Audience Books

Books by Dr. Paul Cleveland related to how economics affects public policy.

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