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Course Materials

These three books are required for the online course and must be obtained before the class begins January 7.

  • Basic Economics, A Natural Law Approach to Economics, 4th ed., Clarence Carson, and Paul Cleveland, (which includes the study guide). ISBN: 978-0-9727401-4-2. You can purchase this at boundarystone.org or at Amazon.
  • The Law, Frederic Bastiat. This essay is an excellent discussion of the proper role of government and law. It is approximately 50 (5×8) pages long and you will read it between chapter 2 and 3 of the textbook.
    We used the page numbers from the version with ISBN: 978-0-89803-175-1 in the Study Guide. You can usually purchase this version at a very low price in paperback from fee.org.
    They also have a free pdf version on their website. which will have different page numbers than the ones listed in our Study Guide.
  • Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, 7th edition, Richard Maybury. (You will read this book alongside chapters 8 and 9 of Basic Economics.) ISBN: 0-942617-64-1 It is always available at Bluestocking Press:  bluestockingpress.com

Course Description

The course divides the work into six units, which we listed with the chapters covered in the Semester Overview document. When you view the PDF, a separate tab opens in your browser and there is a download icon if you need a copy to print. When finished, you can close the tab or switch tabs to return to the main screen. For your convenience, this document lays out the flow of the course on one page where we divide an 18-week semester into four quarters that each end with a test.

Additionally, you will use the budget project, which is included in the course purchase price. To allow time for this project, we set aside one day in most weeks as a Project Day.

You can navigate around the course at any time using the Course Navigation links in the right sidebar.


Assignments that count toward your grade will be graded by Mrs. Cleveland. A more detailed description of the grading requirements will be sent to you before the course begins.

Google Classroom will be used to turn in graded assignments, and to allow class discussion.

As long as students are logged in, using the Mark Complete buttons at the end of a topic will cause student progress to show graphically at the top of the page. Also, the teacher/parent can access a grades panel in order to see quiz and test scores and which lessons they have marked as complete.

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Quote to Ponder

We do not assert that the capitalist mode of economic calculation guarantees the absolutely best solution of the allocation of factors of production. Such absolutely perfect solutions of any problem are out of reach of mortal men. What the operation of a market not sabotaged by the interference of compulsion and coercion can bring about is merely the best solution accessible to the human mind under the given state of technological knowledge and the intellectual abilities of the age’s shrewdest men.

— Ludwig von Mises

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