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Dr. Cleveland on Rick & Bubba University

Paul was a guest on Rick & Bubba’s podcast that was posted Feb. 23, 2020. He had the opportunity to share about why we at Boundary Stone do what we do.

Thank you Rick & Bubba for helping us get out this important message.

Government & Economics Online Courses

Basic American Government &

Basic Economics:
A Natural Law Approach to Economics
, 4th ed.

Our courses are designed with one semester of government and one semester of economics for high school juniors or seniors. Courses include daily assignments, videos, review exercises, quizzes, tests, and one day each week is set aside for an included optional extra research project.

This is the latest addition to the Boundary Stone line of high school social science curriculum. The textbook used is Clarence Carson’s classic government textbook, Basic American Government, which has been used by thousands of homeschool and Christian school students since the 1990s. Add to that a 2018 update to his economics textbook by Dr. Paul Cleveland, Basic Economics, A Natural Law Approach to Economics, in a new more usable format. Perfect for homeschools, co-ops, Christian high schools, and college general ed. courses.

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The teacher's guide and the online course option, both new with the fourth edition of Basic Economics, transform the textbook into a comprehensive course, deeply based on principles, that should be manageable for homeschooling parents and very interesting for students.

Cathy Duffy

Author and Curriculum Specialist, cathyduffyreviews.com

Basic Economics is a must read!

So much of what is taught today as economics is 180 degrees opposite of the truth. It’s all about how you think and this book will make sure you get it right.


Nelson Nash

Author and Founder of Infinite Banking Concept, Nelson Nash Institute

Dr. Paul Cleveland

Dr. Paul Cleveland

Professor of Finance and Economics

Boundary Stone was started by Dr. Paul Cleveland. Working as a professor for over 35 years has allowed him to study and think deeply about issues of political economy. He has discovered ways to communicate these sometimes illusive concepts to today’s students, often through story telling, which makes understanding these principles more accessible to all of us.

Dr. Clarence Carson

Dr. Clarence Carson

Author, deceased

Dr. Carson was a treasured mentor to Dr. Cleveland. As a well published historian, he left academia in his later years to devote his time to developing a social sciences curriculum for high school students. He believed that attempts to reinterpret all social sciences by applying a social version of evolutionary theory had caused writers of modern texts to wrongly abandon a recognition of the natural order of the created universe. His series of Basic texts approach the subject from a natural law perspective that is needed today more than ever. We at Boundary Stone are committed to keeping his textbooks in print.

Are You Concerned by the Rising Popularity of Socialism?

We should be! In 1978, Dr. Carson wrote The World in the Grip of an Idea. Drs. Cleveland and Barney mined the gold from his book and published it in a very readable 128 pages. Expose the delusion of socialism’s utopian ideas.

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Principles Matter

Principles Matter

  Principles Matter Boundary Stone produces quality high school social science curriculum written by the late historian Dr. Clarence B. Carson and economist Dr. Paul A. Cleveland. Dr. Carson’s textbooks have been used by thousands of homeschools and Christian...

Kings of This World: Givers or Takers?

Kings of This World: Givers or Takers?

In the first chapter of Genesis we are instructed that all people are created in the image of God and have been given a mission to have dominion over the animals and subdue the earth (subdue is a translation of the Hebrew kabash, which means here to make the earth useful for human beings benefit and enjoyment). We know, of course, that

Do You See the World as Jesus Sees It?

Do You See the World as Jesus Sees It?

In Romans chapter twelve the Apostle Paul tells us not to be conformed to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. The question I would like to raise is, “What does this look like in practice?” At the core I think we can all agree that it means we should be students of God’s Word. That is, God is calling us to know His Word. However, I think the admonishment goes beyond this. Indeed, we must be able to apply the principles of Scripture to the various facets of daily life if we are to fully implement the command. In this regard, I’m afraid that we may well be falling far short of our duty.

Why Worldview Matters in Teaching Economics and American Government

One might ask the question, why would I want to use an American Government textbook that was written twenty years ago? It is because this is a text that is sorely needed today. Read a little of Dr. Clarence Carson’s Preface, and ask yourself if this is not an endeavor worth the time and effort of your students. These principles, truly understood, will prepare them for their future:

Christian Educators and the AP Economics Tests

Christian Educators and the AP Economics Tests

One common goal of Christian educators is to prepare their students for college. As part of this preparation, many teachers endeavor to prepare their students to take the AP exams in various disciplines. Moreover, parents are likely supportive of this practice since successful passage of those exams can earn college credit, thus reducing the number of courses needed to graduate and, in turn, saving the parents tuition dollars. What could possibly be wrong with this practice?

Harvesting the Fruits of Relativism: An Opportunity for the Revival of the Liberal Arts in the Western Civilization Tradition

Harvesting the Fruits of Relativism: An Opportunity for the Revival of the Liberal Arts in the Western Civilization Tradition

In March of 2017, student protesters at Middlebury College shut down a planned lecture by Charles Murray. Murray was there to discuss the subject matter of his recent book, Coming Apart. The protesters themselves were wholly ignorant of anything that Murray had ever written or what he was going to say that evening. Nevertheless, they shouted and chanted and accused Murray of things he has never said or written. This event is incredibly disturbing

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