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Our Combo Bundle of both courses is the best deal.

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Basic American Government

Government Course Bundle $165

Contains all of the following, which may also be purchased separately:

  • Textbook + PDF study guide  $65
  • Teacher’s guide + study guide PDFs  $30
  • Online course  $120 (price w/out textbook)
  • Policy research paper project mini-course  $30 (if purchased without government course)
Be4 front cover @168

Basic Economics, 4th ed.

Economics Course Bundle $175

Contains all of the following, which may also be purchased separately:

  • Textbook (includes study guide)  $75
  • Teacher’s guide  PDF  $30
  • Self-paced online course  $120 (price w/out textbook)
  • Budget project mini-course  $30 (if purchased without economics course)

You Determine The Amount of Parental Involvement with the Online Course

Boundary Stone is not a school, and we cannot award credit in your state. We want to come alongside homeschooling parents to give them flexibility in determining accurate grades for recording on transcripts for our courses.

The quizzes and tests probably make up the bulk of the grading needed. But you might want to include credit for the optional research project (which you would need to grade), and, perhaps, some credit for the homework assignments for the study guide questions. You know your student best and can best determine the correct balance for motivation and recognition.

In the orientation lesson, we provide a spreadsheet with default settings, but is flexible so you can adjust for your preferences.

The daily study guide assignments combined with the online portion, could be overkill for some students. Parents should monitor the first week or so and help determine what they will require and what is optional. Different students will learn best from different portions.

An independent student, who is able to use the study guide suggested answers effectively to determine if they understand the reading would require very little parental oversight. The quiz and test scores would be emailed to the parent so they could be recorded and calculated with little effort. Grades for online quizzes and tests can also be downloaded at any point from the parent’s account.

A lot of parents desire to have greater involvement. Many have shared they felt their own education in these subjects had been deficient, and they greatly benefitted from following along. You have plenty of options that can easily be tailored to your specific preferences.

  • When you purchase the Course Bundle, parents can have a separate access to the online course and could choose to read from the textbook as they follow along.
  • The economics textbook includes a one-page chapter summary that could also be used.
  • In the teacher’s guide, there is a “big question” for each day that can be used as a valuable discussion point to gauge the student’s understanding.
  • Another option is to take a more active role in consistently reviewing the study guide questions.
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Online Course Bundles

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Browse all product options by subject. Government and economics are laid out to complete each in a semester. However, there is plenty of optional material to expand either to a full year if desired. The links below will take you to a list of products and bundle options that wll save you money.

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Browse through the Boundary Stone toolbox for studying economics.

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Browse through the Boundary Stone toolbox for studying both government and economics.

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