Basic American Government & PDF Study Guide

Clarence Carson’s classic government textbook + PDF study guide

Dr. Carson’s skills for communicating American history are unmatched.

  • A constitutionally oriented book
  • Includes a valuable and lengthy one chapter description of the nature of our government and our constitution
  • Traces our founding principles from the ancient Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Medieval culture, the Reformation, and Great Britain
  • Describes the making of our national and state constitutions
  • Follows the 19th century development of the country
  • Points out our 20th century departures and the consequences

See a 20-page excerpt below. Click esc to exit viewer and return here.


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1 review for Basic American Government & PDF Study Guide

  1. admin

    From the Sonlight Curriculum Ltd. Catalog:
    “We looked at dozens of texts before settling with delight on this volume. It provides exactly the kind of basic outline we need for a high school civics class. Mr. Carson offers an astonishingly broad perspective on the entire range of cultural and historical sources that lay behind America’s constitutional government as it was being born. He also provides a thorough view of the historical events that have permitted our national government to become the Leviathan it is today. For a work that covers so much difficult and complex material, this book is astonishingly thorough, well-organized, and easy to read.”

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