Dr. Paul Cleveland

Navigating Controversial Issues


025 Income Redistribution 1

In a country as wealthy as America, should the government redistribute some of the wealth to help out those who are struggling?
If we vote on it, and the majority of the people think it is a good idea, does this justify taxing away from some to give it to others?

024 Scarcity 2

Today I am joined by my son, Caleb to discuss scarcity a little further. Let me know what you think, and share with your friends.  [site_reviews_form title="Rate the...

023 Scarcity

What do economists mean when they say we live is a world of scarcity?
Don’t we just have too much stuff?
If you could accomplish anything you wanted in your life, what would that be?

021 Basic Economics

Do worldview issues matter to you in teaching your children? When it comes to economics, it is important that you prepare them to rightly handle the dominant idea that undergirds most high school and college courses—utilitarianism. Once economics adopted this...

018 Taking Dominion

What does it mean to "take dominion"? What if every day were better than the day before? God gave Adam and Eve everything they would need to enjoy life in the Garden of Eden, but He did not tell them to put their feet up and live a life of leisure. He commanded His...

017 Does Morality Matter

Why should you act morally in economic exchange? How should we treat those with whom we trade?  [site_reviews_form title="Rate the Video"...

016 Human Nature

Why can’t we all just get along?
Is self-interest the same thing as selfishness?
Can we change human nature with political policies?

015 Why Study Economics

Have you ever thought about the fact that work and producing things was part of God's perfect creation design before the Fall? There will always be more to do than we can possibly accomplish with our limited time and resources. Choices must be made. Economics has...

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