Basic Economics Self-paced Online Course

$175 for the Course Bundle ($120 for Course w/out Textbook)

This course uses Clarence Carson and Paul Cleveland’s Basic Economics, 4th edition and takes the student through a semester of daily assignments with chapter quizzes and four Unit tests.


This economics course was designed from the lens of conservative free-market, limited government principles, with hearty acknowledgement of our country’s Judeo-Christian roots, for 11th-12th grades. It contains suitable material for 1/2 credit with honors for your high school transcript. Some families have even chosen to spread it over a year so they can go a little deeper and give a full credit.


The Course Bundle is our most popular option and includes:


  • Basic Economics, 4th edition textbook
  • PDF teacher’s guide
  • 12 month Online Course access for one student
  • Separate login account for teacher to monitor progress and look ahead without interfering with student progress
  • Student access to Budget Mini-course
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Benefits for the homeschool family

  • Self-paced, which means you are not restricted by someone else’s schedule. Take off for that trip to Europe for a month and pick up where you left off afterward with no penalty.
  • Semester lesson list is clearly laid out to minimize planning time investment
  • Customizable grading spreadsheet that will calculate a final grade for you
  • Independent students will need very little oversight as long as they keep themselves on track
  • Boundary Stone is a family run company that is willing to accommodate your unique situation when possible

One-Page Semester Plan

TOC and Chapter 1

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