OLC Basic American Government Online Course

10-month access for Fall 2020, beginning July 15

Your access will begin on July 15th by default and will continue for 10 months. If you would like to start sooner, contact Cathe: cathe@boundarystone.org. PDF downloads will be available as soon as you purchase.

Usually completed as a one semester self-paced online course to accompany Basic American Government. Includes 10-month access.

  • daily assignments
  • online review exercises
  • short videos to illustrate many principles
  • online quizzes, and quarterly tests (or you could use print versions in the Teacher’s Guide if you prefer)
  • optional policy research project mini-course
  • PDF Study Guide download with space to write in answers (79 pages)
  • PDF Teacher’s Guide download (161 pages)

Boundary Stone is not a school and does not award academic credit. However there is enough material for a rigorous semester-long (1/2 credit) or year-long (1 credit) course.



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